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Cocktail Garden!

Fresh herbs and veggies from your garden can turn up the delicious factor in your cocktails. Best of all, this type of garden doesn’t have to be complicated. Get the recipes!

Gin Lemonade

You’ll want to choose the everbearing or day-neutral varieties of strawberry if you’re starting with small plants in late July. Strawberries love being an outside plant, so full sun on your sill is key. You can also try a hanging basket, which will keep your strawberries away from slugs (and will look so riviera as you pick them off). Maintenance is laid-back: strawberries will grow even with less sun, though you might not get as much more…

Cilantro Bloody Mary

This herb grows best when it has as much shade as it does sun, and it generally doesn’t need a lot of attention as long as it’s adequately watered and sees some southern light. Fully-grown cilantro plants are actually too strong in flavor to be of much use in drinks, so you’ll want to use the leaves when the plants are about six inches tall. If you don’t pick the leaves when they’re ready, the plant will go to seed, and you’ll have coriander to work with instead. more…

Southern Bourbon Tea

You’ll find mint readily available in those small plastic herb boxes at most nurseries and some grocery stores. This is a good one for Portland; after repotting, it’ll need equal amounts of sun and shadow, and plenty of water. Once the leaves have started growing, you can expand the plant by breaking them off and soaking them in glasses of water (you’ll have to replant themmore…

Basil Mojito

Generally speaking, basil plants get huge and grow easily with minimal watering. They love the sun but not a full blast of prolonged heat, which works well with the current summer we’re having. Pop over to any garden or boutique grocery store, and you’ll find basil plants in all stages of growth. more…

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