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Get Happy

Nothing makes a worker bee’s heart beat faster than knowing it’s hump day. The weekend’s this close! Mid-week slump or slam dunk? It’s your choice, PDX. Three slam dunks below.


Perhaps the most wonderful thing in all the world is the taste and texture of melting bread. If you’re having trouble picturing that, then make haste to Grüner and try the happy hour weisswurst, a pretzel-wrapped sausage so juicy it’s almost creamy. After one bite, you’ll see—and taste—how the warmth of this juicy beef-and-pork frank melts the breading that surrounds it. If you want to skip meat altogether, you can always ask for the polenta croquettes—two round fritters bound together by a deep-fried More..

The Fixin’ To

If you’ve never visited the South but always wondered what it would feel—and taste—like, just belly up to the bar of Bart and Marli Blasengame’s quiet North Portland neighborhood bar. Bart’s a native of Pine Bluff, Ark., which explains the framed photos of famous Arkies Johnny Cash and then Governor Bill Clinton. And while you wait for your food and drinks, enjoy the old Stax recordings while gazing at the velvet painting of friend, former partner and fellow Southerner Grant Miller’s More…

The Tannery Bar

Caleb McBee shuttered Skin and Bones last year to open The Tannery Bar because he realized he wasn’t properly catering to his crowd—the people who live within a few blocks of the space. Now, it’s a proper corner bar with communal tables where patrons of all ages mingle while they eat and drink. You can even bring your pup if it’s well behaved. But, what about the food? The Tannery menu isn’t a long one, and the happy hour menu’s shorter still, but it showcases some of McBee’s finer More…


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