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Happiest of Hours

Animal, vegetable or liquid? No matter what you’re jonesing for, we’ve got 38 Portland spots that will help you get your fix—at happy hour prices, no less. You’re welcome.


We live in a town where $10 cocktails are increasingly the norm and a $14 cocktail is slowly trending customary. Brandon Wise, Imperial’s presiding barman, doesn’t think it needs to be that way. That’s why he’s embraced a quietly growing trend—the tap cocktail. Imperial’s bar serves two, with one reserved for Wise’s all-time favorite—the Crescent City classic, Vieux Carré More…

Township and Range

At many places, happy hour means sliders. And burgers. And fries or fritters. What you don’t often see are chicken sandwiches, let alone fried chicken sandwiches. That’s where Township and Range comes in—its crispy, crunchy fried chicken sandwich is served on a Grand Central brioche, spread with a tangy pimiento aioli, and topped with pickled jalapeños and a sparsely dressed slaw. More…

Huckleberry Pub

If you’re a vegetarian (or a carnivore who’s momentarily had his—or her—fill of meat), Huckleberry Pub has something that may pleasantly surprise you: tangy, vegetarian beet sliders. Sure, the kitchen here knows its meat (a lot of it is slow cooked in a smoker out back), but even meat lovers will find it hard to pass up animal-free (and, therefore, guilt-free) bites that come in reds, golds, whites and greens. More…


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