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“Homes are moving at warp speed” in Portland

These Are the 20 Hottest Housing Markets in the U.S. Right Now 


Looking to buy a house? You’d better be on your game. High season is here, and it’s without question a seller’s market. Prices are moving higher, faster, according to a preliminary analysis of our site data in March.

“We are now firmly in the time of the year when peak demand and peak inventory levels typically occur, through spring and early summer,” said Jonathan Smoke, our chief economist. “Buyers should expect substantial competition, especially in the hottest markets, and for affordably priced homes within most markets.”

Traffic and searches on the site set new highs last month—we had the highest number of unique visitors ever in March, with over 50% more page views than in March of the previous year and 40% more searches for homes for sale.

And where were all those millions of visitors searching for homes? In these, the 20 hottest markets out of the largest 200 markets in the country (based on listing views relative to the number of listings):

  1. Waco, TX
  2. New Orleans, LA
  3. Ann Arbor, MI
  4. Denver, CO
  5. Santa Rosa, CA
  6. Fort Wayne, IN
  7. Vallejo, CA
  8. San Diego, CA
  9. Columbus, OH
  10. Detroit, MI
  11. Manchester, NH
  12. Boston, MA
  13. Austin, TX
  14. Boulder, CO
  15. Springfield, IL
  16. Charleston, WV
  17. Pittsburgh, PA
  18. Tampa, FL
  19. College Station, TX
  20. Lansing, MI

If you read our trend report last month, many of these names will be familiar. New to the list this month are New Orleans, Austin, Pittsburgh, and Tampa—which makes sense, as all are affordable cities that are growing.

Homes selling faster, too

The median list price for a home was $220,000 in March—11% higher than a year ago and 3% higher than in February. Houses are also moving more quickly, with the median number of days on the market dropping to 89—13% lower than a year ago. Inventory, however, is growing at just 2% month over month and is still down year over year.

Of course, there’s fast and there’s fast. In these 20 markets, homes are selling at warp speed. We’ve ranked them according to the median number of days homes were spending on the market in March.

  1. San Jose, CA (22 days)
  2. San Francisco, CA (26)
  3. Santa Rosa, CA (32)
  4. Denver, CO (37)
  5. Seattle, WA (37)
  6. Boulder, CO (38)
  7. Vallejo, CA (38)
  8. Los Angeles, CA (41)
  9. Minneapolis, MN (43)
  10. San Diego, CA (43)
  11. Santa Cruz, CA (43)
  12. Fargo, ND (44)
  13. Sioux Falls, SD (44)
  14. Oxnard, CA (45)
  15. Dallas, TX (46)
  16. Portland, OR (46)
  17. Austin, TX (48)
  18. Greeley, CO (48)
  19. Modesto, CA (48)
  20. Sacramento, CA (48)

New to the list this month are Denver, Seattle, and Minneapolis, some more affordable and expanding cities, as well as (again) Austin.

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