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How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid?

We just wanted to take a moment to discuss how we, as Real Estate Agents, get paid.

It’s simple:
As a home buyer:  Your agent costs you $0

The sellers have worked out a fee with their listing agent, which pays BOTH agents in the transaction.  Yes, if you are a buyer, you DO NOT pay for your Realtor’s services.  Your agent is only paid IF you purchase a home through them so please respect your buyer’s agent’s time.   It is the seller’s responsibility to pay both Realtors & this occurs upon closing with the title company.  Take a moment to watch the video below to understand more about how a buyer’s agent gets paid a commission.

As a home seller:

Your listing agent will determine a fair fee for the listing agent side of the transaction and the buyer’s agent side of the sale. The standard rate is 6% for most real estate agencies.  You should not pay any kind of listing fees upfront.  Your listing and buyer’s agent fees will come out of the proceeds of the sale, IF, your home sells.  Most real estate companies will require a contract of 3-6 months, or more, for the exclusive right to sell your home.  Contact Us to learn about our Hassle Free listing services which are no contract.  We also offer a $0 cost for sale by owner clause which allows you to get your own buyer and pay nothing.

     For Sale By Owner

Selling a home through a knowledgeable real estate professional, on average, NETS home owners MORE money than if they were to try and sell their home by owner.  Very few sellers opt to try and sell their home by owner.  There are very serious liabilities when selling your home that most sellers, and most buyers, do not want to take on on their own.  The average for sale by owner home sells for $41,000 LESS than a home sold through a real estate broker.  This is due to supply and demand.  MANY, MANY, more buyers are looking for homes through real estate agents.  For sale by owner sellers should consider these facts when selecting a real estate broker to list their home.  Contact Us to discuss our Hassle Free Listing which is no contract and allows you to sell by owner at any time for $0 fees.

Realtors vs. For sale by owners

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