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It’s National Relaxation Day!

It’s National Relaxation Day, and that means it’s time to unplug, slow down, and reconnect with nature, creativity, or whatever’s meaningful to you. Enjoy a little YOU time!

Slow Down

It’s the perfect day to take a little time for yourself. Maybe you won’t be able to score a massage appointment, but at least you can take the time to make an appointment and invest in your most important asset: Your health.

Stoke Your Creativity

Peter Rossing’s first calling was music (he’s a pianist), but he went on to carve out a freelance career as a graphic designer and set designer. Since then, he’s taken what he’s learned and reached out to the visual arts community, offering a “careful” selection of art supplies for sketchers, painters, printmakers, sculptors, calligraphists, and even bookmakers. more…

Touch Nature

Dubbed Sleepy Hollow by original owners John and Lilla Leach, today’s Leach Botanical Garden beside Johnson Creek is inspired by the lives the couple led. Explorers, pioneers, scientists and artists, the bequest of their four-and-a-half-acre estate to the city “left us this extraordinary botanical collection and place of peace and rest,” explains David Porter, the executive director of Leach Garden Friends more…

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