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Local Love

Fourteen independent, locally owned businesses opened in Portland in October. Stop by, check them out, and spread the word!

Harvester Brewing Gastropub

James Neumeister’s wife, as well as a few of his friends, can’t digest gluten. So when he tried the gluten-free beers available to them, he cringed. “They tasted terrible,” he says. In response, he started home brewing, experimenting with ingredients until he came up with something his wife and friends could enjoy. Before long, he put those new skills to use, opening a seven-barrel brewery in 2011 more…

Green Zebra Grocery Kenton

Lisa Sedlar’s goal is an ambitious one: Open grocery stores in underserved neighborhoods where “the big guys [corporate grocers] won’t go.” And, she would know—Sedlar worked for Whole Foods before running the local New Seasons chain for a few years. With the help of New Seasons, individual investors, and a grant from the Oregon Angel Fund, Sedlar has just opened her first more…

Multnomah Whiskey Library

The details at work in Alan Davis and Greg Goodman’s new West End drinking room are seemingly too numerous to count. The 55-seat, second-story, windowless room—with its wooden smell, brick walls, leather sofas, area rugs, library lamps, and 1930s and ‘40s-era jazz standards—is peerless. Servers don’t serve you—bartenders do: They pour your fingers and build your cocktails tableside from spirit-stocked mobile handcarts more…

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