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Portland Real Estate – The Winter Months

Many home owners are concerned that their home won’t sell during the winter months and hold out for spring or summer to list their homes.  Interestingly, Portland’s average asking price is maintaining the same level as last month.  However, inventory is down 7% since November 2nd.  This means sellers are still in a position of power.  Home owners should still expect to receive solid offers through the winter months.  Contact Us to discuss our outside the box, aggressive marketing programs that produce results.

Date Single Family & Condo
25th Percentile
Asking Price
Asking Price
75th Percentile
Asking Price
12/02/2013 8,940 $210,000 $289,000 $449,850
11/25/2013 9,180 $210,000 $289,000 $449,900
11/18/2013 9,335 $210,000 $289,000 $449,900
11/11/2013 9,446 $210,000 $289,500 $449,900
11/04/2013 9,608 $210,708 $289,900 $449,900


Portland’s median home price is still well below the long term 4% per year trend line.

Annual Price Graphic

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