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Sandwich Month!

August is better than sliced bread because, well, it’s National Sandwich Month. And, we Portlanders love wrapping our lips around a good sando. Three tasty options above. More here.

Philly Cheesesteak

Ah, the Philly cheesesteak: attempted by many, nailed by few. Know that Grant’s belongs squarely in the latter category. It’s small enough that you might miss it on the industrial stretch of NE Sandy, but once you pull a U-turn and find a place in its lunchtime-crowd parking lot, you’re almost there. And then, ten minutes later, it’s just you and this medley of tender beef and melted cheese more…

Bad Ass Sandwich

It certainly sounds braggadocious, but don’t let the name fool you. Toast’s Bad Ass Sandwich, a delicate blend of flavors, is comprised of two slices of locally sourced bacon, a generous portion of locally grown greens, and two fried eggs laid by cage-free chickens, all of which is sandwiched between thickly sliced, lightly toasted pieces of house-baked bread that have been subtly “buttered” with a tangy goat’s milk cheese. more…

Italian Stallion

Sometimes you come across a sandwich that you know you could never accurately recreate at home, even if you had the exact same ingredients within reach. Chop’s Italian sandwich, known affectionately as the Italian Stallion, is a prime example. The locally sourced meats—mortadella, copa, and house-cured salami and ham—are thinly sliced, as they should be, but so are the locally grown tomatoes, red onions and lettuce. more…

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