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Squeeze in a little patio time!

We don’t mean to sound ominous, but we live in Portland, and that means you’ve got to enjoy every sunny day like it’s your last.  Squeeze in a little patio time! Four suggestions below.

Paymaster Lounge

Since opening, this neighborhood favorite has often been pigeonholed as an east side dive on the west side—but it’s not. The service here is friendly and casual, and the food is really good without being fussy. Paymaster may not be a conventional first date spot, but if that date works out, it could very well be the place you and your new sweetheart consider your home away from home. More…

Produce Row Café

It’s not evident when looking at it from the street, but this nearly 40-year-old restaurant has a large outdoor patio. Because it’s a destination—tucked away in the Central Eastside Industrial District—you won’t necessarily stumble upon it. But if you do and have never been before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. More…

The Waypost

If you’re looking for engaging and creative entertainment (literary readings, performance art, movie screenings, DJs spinning, trivia nights), this could be your new home. Even better, the small, cozy patio outside is penned in by a whimsically decorated fence and borders the lush, urban and functional Fargo Forest Garden. More…


The Hop & Vine

When the sun is out, this expansive backyard patio is like a magnet for Overlook’s residents and has enough gravitational charm to pull in visitors in search of good food and strong drinks from the city’s other neighborhoods. More…

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