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    Down Payment Assistance Programs

    Oregon IDA Initiative’s matching savings plan

      This isn’t only for home purchases!

    Initiative participants may receive matched funds to help them:

    • purchase a home,
    • fulfill an educational goal,
    • develop or launch a microenterprise (a very small business),
    • restore a home to habitable condition, or
    • buy equipment to support an employment goal.

    Typically, depending on the provider, they will match every $1 of your savings with a $3 contribution, up to $3000.  This means if you save $1000, they will add an additional $3000 for a total of $4000 towards your home purchase(varies by provider)  Check out the site for guidelines and qualifications.   You can also reach out to them for assistance directly:

    Kathy Turner

    503-226-3001 x 101

    Oregon IDA Initiative

    Individual Development Accounts, or IDAs, are matched savings accounts that build the financial management skills of qualifying Oregonians with lower incomes while they save towards a defined goal. IDAs build pathways of opportunity and create models of economic success in Oregon communities.

    The Oregon Individual Development Account Initiative invests in the personal and financial growth of individuals to build strong communities throughout Oregon. The Initiative was created in 1999 by the Oregon State Legislature to bring state agencies, private non-profit and tribal partners, and private contributors together to create opportunity in Oregon. Today, the Initiative is composed of the State of Oregon, under the leadership of Oregon Housing and Community Services Department and the Oregon Department of Revenue, and a host of private partners and contributors working together to help Oregonians achieve their dreams. The Initiative is managed by Neighborhood Partnerships.

    Participants enroll through one of the many partners located in all corners of the state, set a goal and begin saving. Once the participant’s goal is reached and all parts of the savings plan are completed, every dollar saved by a participant is matched by the Initiative, typically three dollars for every one dollar saved. Initiative participants may benefit from matched funds to help them purchase a home, fulfill an educational goal, develop and launch a small business, restore a home to habitable condition, or purchase equipment to support employment.

    Oregon residents twelve years of age and older who have low incomes and modest net worth may be eligible for the program. Residents work with a local partner to define and reach their goals.


    Habitat For Humanity Homeownership

    Habitat for Humanity provides a unique opportunity for hardworking families to build and buy their own homes. Our homes are sold at no profit to our homeowner families, with a 1% down payment and a 0% interest mortgage. The mortgage lengths vary depending on income. Habitat adjusts the length of the mortgage so that the monthly mortgage payment (which includes taxes, insurance, and condo fees if applicable) is no more than 30% of the homeowner’s gross monthly income. Habitat for Humanity homeowner mortgage payments are put into a revolving fund that helps pay for construction of future homes in the Portland/Metro East community.

    The selection of families who will purchase homes from Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East is done by the Family Selection Committee in a way that does not discriminate because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, sexual orientation, age, gender identity or national origin or because all or part of the applicant’s income is derived from public assistance programs.

    If you are an applicant with a disability and need to request accommodations to access any of our services, please contact Reianna DaRosa at 503.287.9529 x19 or

    Sweat Equity

    Every family is required to perform a minimum of 500 hours of volunteer work known as “sweat equity” within the Habitat organization before moving into their home. Sweat equity is an exciting learning experience in which you work with friends, family and neighbors to build your home as well as homes for your neighbors. Working alongside volunteers and future neighbors to build your home and community is one of the most rewarding aspects of Habitat for Humanity. Besides working on the construction site, there are many other ways to complete sweat equity hours such as working at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, helping with homeowner outreach and attending our HomeWORKS education classes.

    Homeownership Application Meetings

    Those interested in applying to become homeowners can determine if the Habitat program fits their needs by visiting the How to Qualify page of this website. You can fill out an interest form to get on our mailing list to be notified when meetings are scheduled. We hold Homeownership Application meetings once or twice a year, so it’s important to update us of your mailing or email address if your information changes.

    How to Qualify

    The Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East program is unique because we serve many families whose income levels are not high enough to qualify for other homeownership programs.

    Families need to meet the following criteria in order to qualify for the Habitat for Humanity program:

    Resident Status

    • Must be a United States citizen or permanent legal resident.

    First-Time Home Buyer

    • Must have NOT owned a home in the past three years.


    • Currently living in sub-standard, subsidized, or unaffordable housing.

    Willingness to Partner

    • Must contribute 500 hours of  ”sweat equity.”

    Ability to Pay

    • Must have proof of steady income and have satisfactory credit history.
    • Must be within 30-60% of the median Portland area household income (for example, $20,800 – $41,640 for a family of four)


    NeighborhoodLIFT Program Information

    All NeighborhoodLIFT down payment assistance funds were reserved at the December 13-14 event and are NOT available. Check back on February 14, 2014 to see if funds have become available.


    Portland Housing Center is proud to be part of the NeighborhoodLIFT program in partnership with Wells Fargo Bank and NeighborWorks® America. Discover the possibilities of homeownership and find out if it’s right for you

    • Provides eligible homebuyers with $15,000 in down payment assistance on qualified properties

    • Provides homebuyer education that can prepare you for finding and financing a home and for managing the financial responsibilities of homeownership

    • Assistance is not limited to first-time buyers

    • Annual income of all persons 18 and older living in the home must be at or below 120% of the Portland Area Median Income (AMI) guidelines (FHA financing, a popular option for NeighborhoodLIFT financing, is limited to 115% of AMI. Other loan programs may have more restrictive income limits).

    • Properties qualified for the program must be:

    1. Located within the city limits of Portland (click here for Property Eligibility Look up Instructions)
    2. The primary, owner-occupied home of the buyer(s)
    3. A detached home, townhouse, condominium, 1-4 unit property, Planned Unit Development

    All NeighborhoodLIFT down payment assistance funds were reserved at the December 13-14 event and are NOT available. Check back on February 14, 2014 to see if funds have become available.

    If you are interested in the NeighborhoodLIFT Program, take the quiz below and find out if you are immediately eligible to start the application process.