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Portland Neighborhoods

Welcome to Portland, Oregon, a beautiful city with terrific neighborhoods. Many of Portland’s old neighborhoods are lined with

Portland-Oregon-Neighborhood-Mapsidewalks and tall trees and full of old, classic homes with character. Portland’s downtown, unlike other cities’ downtowns, is a “destination,” interesting and safe, and the city blocks are short, making Portland a “friendly walking” city. While some of Portland’s neighborhoods are nicer than others, we are lucky not to have any “slums” per se, compared to other cities. Portland has suburbs just like any other city does, but we have plenty of great core neighborhoods too.

This guide to Portland – by Portland photographer Andrew Hall – offers subjective, real advice about the Portland area from someone who lives there, to help you figure out the differences between the various areas of Portland and where you might want to live in Portland. The goal is not to explore every square mile of the city, but, rather, to highlight the most interesting areas and give you a feel for Portland. You may well find other areas adjacent to the ones mentioned here where you might enjoy living.

Please contact me with any questions you might have about Portland!

For a more detailed map, showing ALL Portland Neighborhoods, please see the Portland Mapper. It’s an interactive map showing MAX stations, schools, libraries, etc.